Estia, our Two Floor Suite with Pool View

The Goddess of home and family, symbol of spirituality, sense of warmth.

Our Estia suite features a captivating Venetian tufa stone fireplace, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to your stay. Spanning two levels, this suite is bathed in natural light from two towering windows, offering a charming view of the serene pool and inner courtyard.

Drift into peaceful slumber on our luxurious king-size Cocomat bed, complete with a supportive bed base, plush mattress, and sumptuous top mattress. Guests can enhance their sleeping experience by selecting their preferred pillow from our carefully curated Pillow Menu, crafted with natural materials by Cocomat. The suite also includes a sofa bed, making it ideal for couples or groups of up to four people.

Historic Information

The Estia Suite draws inspiration from the mythological goddess Hestia, known for bringing warmth, unity, and harmony to people's lives. Just as the hearth in ancient homes symbolised a gathering place for family and guests, our suite features a cozy fireplace, offering a welcoming atmosphere where guests can come together and relax. With its serene ambiance and thoughtful amenities, including a spacious layout and comfortable furnishings, the Hestia Suite embodies the spirit of hospitality and connection. Experience the timeless allure of Hestia's hearth in our boutique hotel.