"The place from where you return with your eyes full of sky".

Immerse through the magic of its history, relive the past through the hidden gems, the buildings of Venetian and Ottoman architecture, which retain the Cretan authenticity, discover the ornately decorated doorways with Venetian Coat of Arms, the ottoman mosques with minarets and the mansions with ondas and sachnisi (wooden facade).

Explore the Loggia, the Guora Gate (Great Gate), the Fortezza, which is the best preserved fortress in Greece, quench your thirst at the Rimodi Fountain, rich in architectural and and sculptural decoration, influenced by the Roman Era and the Renaissance, walk along the Old Harbour, a small port that was built by the Venetians in the 13th century and once used to bea hub for Venetian galleys and Turkish warships, only to end up to the Egyptian Lighthouse with its curved stone as a sign of the art of the East. Every alleyway has its history, hammams, squares and flat areas, historical monuments reveal the crossroad of civilizations that passed through this City and they somehow remained here, deeply rooted and alive.