About Cortiletto

Being hosted in a refurbished ultra modern building in the heart of the Old Town of Rethymno, Cortiletto Timeless Suite is an example of the residence of the late Venetian era (end of 16th century - beginning of 17th century). During this period the Cretan traditional house is characterized by rigor and austerity in its external design, it is made by stone, it usually has an internal courtyard and it includes a "katogi", i.e. a ground floor where auxiliary rooms are located, and "anogi" i.e. a first floor where we can find the family rooms.

Over the years, Cortiletto has suffered many interventions. However, the current owners made an effort to save all those elements that demonstrate its Venetian - Ottoman, but always Cretan past. Today, it consists of two, two - floor buildings with a surface area of 230 square metres and a paved courtyard with a swimming pool - jacuzzi.

The hotel is located in one of the quietest and safest streets of the Old Town, allowing the visitors to explore the narrow alleyways among the mixed architectural styles of Venetian and Ottoman residences, the stores, the churches, the squares and flat areas of the Old Town, as well as a great number of monuments scattered both in central parts of the town and in the narrow streets of the historical centre.

Cortiletto is only five minutes away from both the Old Town and the New Town attractions, the Municipal Garden, the Central Market, the Police, the Hospital and the Bus station. Finally, Cortiletto is only one kilometer away from the beach of Rethymno.